Aral Super Tronic LongLife III 5W-30 1L

Aral Super Tronic LongLife III 5W-30 1L
Произведувач: ARAL
Модел: SAE 5W-30
Наградни поени: 14
Достапност: На залиха
Цена (со вклучен ДДВ): 700 МКД
Цена во наградни поени: 700

Aral Super Tronic Longlife III SAE 5W-30 is a modern long-life motor oil specially for the German car manufacturers like VW (incl. Audi, Seat and Skoda), Mercedes Benz and BMW. This high-performance engine oil is used for petrol and diesel engines and meets the highest standards of wear protection. It includes the Aral Low SAPS Technology for maximum life of the diesel particulate filter. This oil is suitable for vehicles with and without Longlife Service. In addition, it saves fuel and protects the environment!

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