Mitsubishi Diamond Evolution 5W-30, 1 L

Mitsubishi Diamond Evolution 5W-30, 1 L
Произведувач: Mitsubishi
Модел: 5W-30
Наградни поени: 14
Достапност: На залиха
Цена (со вклучен ДДВ): 700 МКД
Цена во наградни поени: 700

Mitsubishi Diamond Evolution is a versatile high-tech engine oil additive with the latest technolog. Due to its low content of sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur, it is particularly suitable for vehicles with modern catalysts and particulate filters. His WorkshopsHome composition and its excellent flow properties at low temperatures minimize wear and fuel consumption.

Mitsubishi Diamond Evolution is suitable for petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharging.

VW/AUDI 504 00, VW/AUDI 507 00

BMW Longlife-04, GM-LL-A-025, MB 229.31, MB 229.51

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