Aral Super Tronic LongLife III 5W-30 1L

Aral Super Tronic LongLife III 5W-30 1L
Произведувач: ARAL
Модел: SAE 5W-30
Наградни поени: 14
Достапност: На залиха
Цена (со вклучен ДДВ): 700 МКД
Цена во наградни поени: 700

Aral SuperTronic LongLife III 5W-30 The high-performance motor oil exclusively for the cars of the VW company* (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda) with gasoline and diesel motors. Meets all XMF-performance requirements. advantages: - Meets all requirements regarding wear protection - ARAL LOW SAPS Technology for maximum durability of the diesel particulate filter - suitable for cars with or without Long Life Service Specifications: - ACEa C3 - MB-approval 229.51 - VW 503 01/ 504 00/ 507 00 (meets requirement the technical requirements of the former VW standard 503 01) - BMW Longlife-04 - Porsche C30 * except R5- and V10 TDi pump-injection engines in Phaeton, Touareg and T5 and particular pump-injection engines without Long Life Service or DPF. Please note information in manual!

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